Built in 1929, the Electric Co. Lofts building served as a furniture warehouse for many years, and most recently, has been home to the Efficient Electric Company. Dewhirst Properties purchased the building in 2014 and completed the façade restoration with a grant from the City of Knoxville. This former industrial building offers a unique urban site with green space along First Creek.

The area around Electric Co. Lofts was largely residential until the 1920s and was home to churches, schools and single family homes. The Heiskell School, formerly at the corner of Campbell Avenue and Kentucky Street, was built in 1897 as the first African American school in Knoxville. However, over time, the area transitioned to light industrial, and McCalla Avenue became home to various manufacturing companies including Keller Foundry, North Star Ice & Fuel Company and Royal Crown Cola Company (RC).

Electric Co. Lofts will help expand residential density near the city center and will create a new link to downtown for surrounding neighborhoods.